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Michelle's Favorite Wine Recipes


Michelle's Strawberry Wine

1st place in four various competitions (between 2014-18)

7 lbs strawberries

7 pints water

2 lb sugar

1  tsp acid blend

1 campden crush

1/2 tsp pectic enzyme

1 tsp nutrient

1/4 tsp tannin

1 package wine yeast

1 jar strawberry preserves

-Wash & drain strawberries

- Use straining bag to mash and strain juice into primary fermentor. Keep pulp in straining bag, tie top, and place in primary fermentor.

- Stir in all ingredients EXCEPT yeast.

- Leave fermentor covered for 24 hours, add yeast (stir?), and cover for another 24 hours.

- Stir daily, check SG (surface gravity?) 

Strawberry wine.jpg



3rd place '18 (KSF)



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